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Modular concept

Wide range of Advanced Drilling Unit design for Aerospace applications. Based on a set of modular sub-assemblies, the ADU will match with your specific applications.

Advanced Drilling Unit

The Seti-Tec Line is dedicated to engineering and supplying of aeronautics assembly equipments, specifically related to semi automatic drilling operations.

Technical architecture standardization

Same machine concept is duplicated into 2 main types of machines, ST1200 and ST2200, dedicated to different sizes of holes. Same maintenance plan and maintenance procedures for all machine type.

Seti-Tec Line - Advanced Drilling Unit - Modular concept

Global machine concept presentation - ST1200 and ST2200

The Seti-Tec Line machines propose completely automated cycle: one pressure on start button gives the spindle rotation and feed. When adjustable end stroke is reached, spindle retracts at fast inverted feed and machine stops.

Seti-Tec Line - Advanced Drilling Unit - Modular concept

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NEW ST1200 detailed presentation

NEW ST2200 detailed presentation